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Tackling Fake News

This article provides advice on what to do when encountering fake news in the media.

Is the news Right or Wrong?

Checking for the truth is probably your first action to feel safe, and validating means being sure that this information is correct by checking officially accredited websites or official social media accounts.

Validating information makes you confident about what is going on, and that you won’t be someone’s tool to spread mistaken news. Like the example of food shortage in Qatar; social media was a great active tool to assure people that everything is ok.

And here we’re not asking you to stop using social media, in fact, we are using it now to write useful and beneficial content for you, your colleagues, family, and friends.

For example, if you choose to share this content, then social media would be a great tool for sharing important great values among others. As you will find many official resources, entertainment programs, intellectual and educational content that can contribute positively to our lives.

How does controlling your account on social media help reduce receiving fake news?

We cannot control what people share but we can control what we see.

With social media companies aware today about the importance of what is being published to the public, they provided different ways on how to control what you see in your account, as they launched fake news awareness campaigns and programs to protect the user from fake news simply by tweaking their privacy settings. 

In the food shortage fake news case, it's critical to maintain our responsibility towards such an incident, but as a user, you can prevent sharing such news and report it as false, which is a proactive step.

Currently, most of the social media platforms will allow you to report such ads/posts or even videos as spam or categorized in any different level, as the picture of food shortage in Qatar is not the only fake news that you will be seeing. There are other daily news that you’ll see and must be aware of to make sure they don’t touch your security and privacy. 

Can I validate news quickly?

YES! There are good online resources or websites that can help you validate that post you’re not sure of, such as Snopes and Factcheck.

Get confident about the information you read

Do I really have to be open to all news from all social media platforms? That's another question we’re asking.

You probably just need to save your time and read directly from proper channels, or official news applications that meet your interest, or official websites.

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