Who We Are

The platform aims to highlight and affirm a culture of cyber safety and security, increasing awareness on issues related to Qatar and the Arab World. Educators, students, parents, youth, children, and the general public will have access to content that abides by 3 principles: prevention, protection, and empowerment. This serves to empower users to have safer cyberspace.

The platform is the online presence for initiatives that come under cyber safety program within the Digital Society Department at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The program encompasses cyber safety awareness campaigns in social media and public places, cyber safety ambassador programs, cyber safety digital library, and cyber safety workshops such as Akhalqi Qatar, which aims to increase ethical responsibility in the digital world.

The SafeSpace platform essentially caters to young people, caregivers, children, educators, and public. It is equipped with valuable information and resources on cyber safety and security, provides educational games and tips, and up-to-date insights on cyberbullying to help parents and teachers protect children against those threats. Additionally, the platform offers two unique educational programs called the Digital Literacy Curriculum and HASEEN. Each program includes extensive courses - in both English and Arabic – accompanied by a wide range of online resources to provide high-quality training for institutions, schools, and homes. The content can be easily accessed via safespace.qa.

SafeSpace is also promoting a new children's cartoon (Salem and Salma) about twins exposed to situations that establish the values ​​of safety on the Internet and offers guidance tips for children in a fun and entertaining way.

The platform’s content was formulated by a wide variety of leading experts in the fields of cyber safety, education, and awareness in Qatar and the Arab world. This was in an effort to present quality content that is both effective and appealing, serving the entire community.The ministry took special care to uniquely present the content in Arabic, ensuring that such an important area can be found in said language.

With the launch of this new electronic portal, The Ministry of  Communication & Information Technology  reimagined the current platform into one that presents the user with an entirely new, user-centered experience, that offers increased efficiency in taking in the presented content.

SafeSpace.qa will continue to grow and new information and resources will be added regularly. Visit the site often so you can be sure you are doing all you can to keep your children safe in cyberspace.