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Our Morals on the Internet Are a Commitment and Responsibility

This article highlights to the caregivers the importance of netiquette and why their children should apply these practices.

Teach your children proper manners, for example,  respecting parents and elders, being polite to others, helping one another, etc.  Be a role model to your kids because we are being watched by our children and they like to imitate the same behavior they see in us.  Some parents get angry and shout at each other, and if your child is a constant spectator to this behavior, the child may grow up to be aggressive. In the same way, when your children observe you being patient and polite with one another, they will try to imitate the same manner and attitude with others. Hence every parent has a great responsibility to be a good role model to their children.


Why should every child be taught good etiquette?

The way a child acts and behaves is a reflection of how we have brought them up. The child’s actions show the environment prevalent at home. Hence teaching them the right manners and etiquette at an early age will prove beneficial to both us and our children.

What does etiquette have to do with netiquette?

The behavior that your children learn from you when at home will be reflected in the outside world. Today most of the communications are through an electronic medium and if the child is taught the right etiquette, no matter which medium your child uses, he/she will be careful in their attitude and behavior with others.  We need to ensure that our child practices the same manners both online and in the real world.

The Internet is a useful tool but turns harmful if proper controls and practices are not maintained. There is a rise in cyberbullying because some teenagers have forgotten to respect others online. Some have violated the boundaries of privacy and respect, which harms a person’s life. Therefore, you should teach your children to respect everyone on the Internet. Encourage them to tell the truth and to apologize if they have offended anyone through their comments. If there is any problem that needs to be solved, teach them to do it themselves instead of doing it online. They also need to learn the proper ways in which emails are written, blogs, chats, etc.

Teach your child to treat everyone equally with respect, and that the importance of etiquette should be the same in the online world and real world.

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