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Standard Netiquette Practices

This article indicates that users must comply with netiquette guidelines in order to be respectful online.

Practice makes perfect, and practicing netiquette helps us become respectful people.

 At home, our parents teach you good practices such as waking up early in the morning, cleaning our room, etc. Similarly, in school too we are governed by standard rules and regulations, regarding uniforms, participating in school activities, etc, and we are assessed on these practices that protect us from committing bad behavior. 

The right practices which we follow daily in school and at home should be applied in all our Internet activities. The objective of these practices should be to treat everyone online with equal rights and respect. . 

We have to be careful of all our communications in the digital world because the sender and recipient cannot see each other and it is difficult to know what the recipient may understand about your message or comment.  


Standard netiquette practices

  • Be courteous, whether you are sending an email or chatting with a friend online.
  • Use Emoticons: While communicating online it would be difficult to assess the emotion of the recipient, you could use standard available emoticons which will help in conveying the right emotion to the recipient. 
  • Be brief: Be specific and clear in conveying the purpose of the email you are sending. 
  • Avoid writing complete sentences in capital letters: Writing in capital letters is considered as ‘Shouting’ and rude. A word or two can be written in capitals but not an entire sentence. 
  • Check your language, before posting or sending anything, check if you used appropriate words.  Avoid using bad language.
  • Check Grammar: Always do a spell check before sending an email or comment and read it twice before sending it to someone.  
  • Respect one’s Privacy: Never share anyone’s private information online, always make it a habit to discuss private issues in person and not on the web. 
  • Respect Copyrights: Respect copyright laws and in case you are impressed by someone’s content, take their permission before sharing it and do mention their name as a reference. 



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