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Defining Netiquette

This article explains what netiquette is and how it should be used in online communications.

What do we mean by Netiquette? 

Netiquette is a combination of two words: ‘net’ (derived from the Internet) and etiquette.

Netiquette is about being courteous while communicating on the Internet and it is about respecting other online users’ views and opinions on the Internet. As youth, you are aware of the social behavior that you have to represent in the real world. However, when it comes to the digital world, not many exhibit the same social conduct that we exercise in the real world. 


Importance of Netiquette 

It is important for us to understand that the way we speak to someone face to face in the real world should be same as the when we communicate on the Internet. 

For example, while chatting, some tend to forget that it is not the computer screen that is speaking to the person on the other end but it is us. Many fail to understand this and comment and post anything that is on their mind which may hurt and cause damage to the recipient. Hence netiquette is about standard manners that you and every one of us should follow to ensure building positive relationships with everyone. 

Be mindful that once you post anything online it cannot be erased; you might delete the comment from your account but a comment once posted on the Internet will always remain there. 

It’s easy to find out anything you want about someone by simply viewing their social media communications and emails. The language and courtesy they practice in their communication can help one in determining the nature of the person. Many companies evaluate their candidates based on their Netiquette behavior before offering them a job.


We need to learn etiquette which comprises of rules and conventions for social and professional behavior. Similarly, it is important for us to follow a standard set of rules while addressing and communicating with other online users.  

The way we speak with others will make them speak in the same manners with us. We are judged by what we say and write. Hence being careful about using Netiquette can help you maintain a good relationship with others. 

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Be aware that sometimes people are disrespectful not because they do not know how to use netiquette, but because they are hate spreaders. Check the article below to know how to deal with hate speech.

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